Fundraising Ideas

Parish/School Wide Fundraising Ideas The following fundraising ideas could be coordinated with your parish youth ministry program or school to raise money for camperships.

Garage Sale Extravaganza

Members from the parish or school brings in clothes, furniture, jewelry, movies, sports gear, books, games, toys, etc. to be donated and priced. The merchandise is laid out on tables at the parish or school, and guests can easily walk through and see what is available. If done well, this type of a fundraiser can bring in over $2,000.

Christmas Card Sales

Who doesn’t need to buy Christmas cards in December! The Printery House, run by Conception Abbey has great fundraising options and beautiful Catholic Christmas Cards! Contact them at

The Elf Fundraiser!

Help families avoid stress over Christmas shopping. With the busy-ness of life before Christmas, parents could use the help of an elf or two! This fundraiser is easy. Plan a Saturday when the youth group will babysit kids in the parish so that parents can go out and do their Christmas shopping. Give parents 4 to 5 hours to do all their shopping while the youth group plays games and watches movies with the children. Ask parents to make a donation to help the babysitters go to CYSC.

Easter Yard Sign Sales

Make a 2 or 3 foot stencil of a simple cross out of cardboard. Next, make stencils for the words ‘He is Risen!’ Purchase thin plywood and with the help of adults, cut the wood into the shape of your 2 to 3 foot cross. After the cross is cut, paint the cross white. When the paint dries, use the stencils to paint “He is Risen!” on the cross with another color. You can even paint a lily or other flowers if you want. Lastly, attach a stake to the back of the cross so that it can be placed in a yard or garden. These crosses are easy to construct and with stencils, easy to paint. They can be sold in the parish for $10-$20 each. Not only do you fundraise money, but you evangelize the neighborhood on the true meaning of Easter!

Flower Sales

Identify a good weekend to sell fresh flowers at the parish (Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter Sunday, etc.) Talk with a local florist about getting discounted prices for a bulk order of flowers. Set up table at the church with an order form two or three weeks prior to the selected special occasion. After orders have been received, place the order with the florist on Sunday morning before and after Sunday Masses. Make sure you order a few extra for people who want to buy them on the spot.

Mysterium Music and Book Sales

Fundraising through Mysterium is simple and profitable! Visit and order books and CDs in mass quantity. This is a great fundraising venture that evangelizes the culture and the parish while raising funds for your youth group. If you haven’t tried this route in fundraising, give it a shot and you will never do another car wash for as long as you live!

Dodgeball Tournament

Schedule a Dodgeball Tournament in which teams pay to play. Have a price for the winning team. The best thing is to try to find a parishioner who can donate a prize for the winning team so that all fees collected will help offset the cost of camp.

Bookstore Bucks

Call a local Catholic or Christian Bookstore and ask them to set up a few tables with merchandise one weekend after all the Masses. Usually bookstores will do this and give the parish 10-20% of sales. Make sure you publicize ahead of time that this will be taking place. Good times to do this is right before Advent, Lent, or 1st Communion.


Never underestimate the value and simplicity of a classic raffle. Find a parishioner willing to donate something that anyone would like, young and old alike (an iPad, laptop, sports tickets, etc.)

Kid’s Adventure Day

Have the youth group plan a 3-5 hour adventure program for the 3-8 year olds in the parish. This program could include games and activities played at youth group or camp, etc. Parents will be thrilled to pay a reasonable fee to donate to your cause and have a few hours free on a Saturday and a fun program to send their kids. You earn money and your youth group grows in leadership!

Parish Wide Talent Show

Plan a talent show for any youth in the parish current 5th grade through 12th grade. Have sign ups followed by a few practices. You could ask some high school youth to Emcee the big show. Promote the talent show parish wide and charge ticket prices for admission, or just ask for donations.


The Classic Spaghetti Dinner or Pancake Breakfast

Never underestimate the ease of planning a Spaghetti Dinner or Pancake Breakfast. If your parish isn’t yet doing these, this can be a great source for camper fundraising! If you really want an easy fundraiser, schedule Chris Cakes who comes in and runs the Pancake Breakfast for you! (

Donut Delight

Work with a local donut shop to sell dozen or half-dozen boxes of donuts to parishioners as they leave from Sunday Mass. Krispy Kreme donuts has a fundraising initiative like this that gets a lot of bang for the buck! The nice thing about this fundraiser is that you can do it multiple times… maybe every first Sunday or the month, or every Sunday in April and May, etc.

Go Old School Franciscan:

The Catholic Church has a lengthy and respected history of begging for alms. It could be very fun to dress your youth group in Franciscan habits and have them stand at each door of the church as people exit. Make an announcement like this: “The youth from our parish are trying to raise funds to go to Catholic Youth Summer Camp to grow in the adventure of their Catholic faith. Since many of the youth need to raise funds to go to camp, they have decided to dressed up as Franciscan Friars and beg for alms as you leave. Donations received will be divided up to help them with camp costs. As you leave, please help our little Franciscans raise money so they can experience the vibrancy of their Catholic faith at Catholic Youth Summer Camp.”









Individual Fundraising Ideas

Some parishes and schools may not be able to organize fundraising initiatives for their campers. For this reason, we have provided a number of different fundraising ideas that the youth can do on their own.



Host A Bake Sale:


Bake or purchase cookies, brownies, cupcakes, pies, rice crispy squares, etc. and sell them individually at an event. Price them for profit. Ideas for events might include high school sporting events (especially freshman and JV games when concession stands are not usually working), or public parks by soccer and baseball fields that do not already have food for purchase. You should call the facility you would like to have your bake sale at first to make sure you have permission to do so. Also, you will need to work out mechanics, like table availability to place your goods upon, and best-selling location. This would be a good fundraiser for those who have more than one person trying to earn funds, as more baked goods to sell = more opportunity for support!


Summer Chores:

Every adult has a spring and summer to do list! Ask your mom and dad, your grandma and grandpa, your aunts, uncles, neighbors and pets if anyone has any summer chores you could do to raise funds for summer camp.

Don’t be afraid to design a flyer on the computer advertising help for hire so that you can earn money for summer camp and spread the flyers around your neighborhood!

Mow A Lawn or Two:

Doesn’t really get easier than this. Find one neighbor and explain to them that you are trying to raise money for summer camp and you would like to move there lawn for them. If from April until August you mow one lawn twice a month for $20 each mow, you will earn $200. Find two lawns and you have camp paid for!

Go Old School Franciscan:

St. Francis and the first Franciscans were all beggars. They begged for food so that they could labor for the Gospel. Don’t be afraid to call Grandma and Grandpa and beg! Do you know people who usually give you birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Confirmation gifts? Ask them to give you the gift of summer camp this year!

Anthony Thomas Candy Bar Sales:

Any individual can order Anthony Thomas candy bars for 50 cents each and sell them for $1.00. You must order candy bars by the case. 180 assorted candy bars come in a case for a $90 cost. If these bars are sold, you will earn $90 per case you sell case.

Steps to order candy bars:

  1. Visit – order your case(s) online or call Craig at 1-800-728-4055 to order
  2. Pick up your order at Anthony-Thomas Factory and Retail Store (1777 Arlingate Lane Columbus, OH 43228 / 614-272-9221)
  3. Sell! Sell! Sell!
  4. Go to camp!


Peel To Save Coupon Books:

Peel To Save is a great, profitable fundraiser that requires no upfront cost. They will send you an order form for coupon books that you can sell for $10. For each coupon book sold, you earn $5 profit. 100 coupon books pays for camp! Visit


The Ugly Mug Program:

It’s true, more than half of America is addicted to coffee! offers coffee, hot chocolate, and chai teas at discounted rates to help raise funds for church related events. You can either order the products and sell them directly or just use an order form they provide. You earn 40% of everything you sell! Visit their website and click on ‘fundraising.’

The Values Card:

The Values Card is a simple fundraiser that allows gives you 60% profit! Those who buy the Values Card will enjoy big savings at more than 100,000 popular retailers. Each card sells for $20 and you profit $12 for each car. Selling 40 cards pays for camp! Visit or call 1-888-435-1978.

ABC Fundraising:

If the fundraising options above look boring to you, go to to see a listing of all kinds of different wild fundraising ideas. You can call them directly at 1-800-368-4543.

Door to Door Car Wash

Walk around your neighborhood with a bucket of towels and car cleaning supplies. Knock on doors asking if anyone would like to have their car wash. Use their hose and your cleaning supplies to give them a nice clean car! After a hard day of work, you could be one your way to paying for camp!

T-Shirt Sales

Find a picture of your parish and design a T-Shirt with your parish or patron saint on it. Sell t-shirts after all the Masses. is a great place to get nice custom made t-shirts.

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