A great staff to camper ratio leads to lifelong friendships and faith experiences

Faithful friends are a sturdy shelter; whoever finds one finds a treasure.

Sirach 6:14

We are made for relationship.

At the heart, we all long to be seen, known, and loved. Who better to help us grow in our relationship with God than others who are seeking Him alongside us!

Experience the gift of your brothers or sisters in your small group, the witness and mentorship of your counselor and the other staff members, and the glory of our universal Church coming together to worship God.

Small Groups

Every camper is assigned to a group of 9 other boys or girls that forms their unit for the week, from lodging and activities to prayer and discussion time. We place first priority on honoring requests, and following that we try to group campers by age, parish, and hometown. Make new friends or deepen relationships with people who will support you at camp & beyond!

Be You

There’s always room for some more fun. Some favorite elective activities include:

  • Activity barn
  • Fishing
  • Creative songwriting
  • Rosary walks
  • “Tree & Chill”

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