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“You Can Do It, Sam!”

The book titled, “You can Do It, Sam,” hasn’t won any awards, nor has it been on any best book list for 2018.

There is nothing flashy or sparkly about this book. The cover shows a simple winter scene of a little bear named Sam with a red coat and red boots walking in the snow.

The premise of the book is as follows:

The little bear Sam, and his mother bake some sort of yummy treat for all their close friends who live in town.

After the treats are baked, he and his mother bag them up and go out in their green truck to deliver them.

As they approach the first house, the young bear excitedly anticipates delivering their gift – with much joy, love, and pride out of what he has made to give to those he loves.

Once they arrive at the first house, mother bear instructs her son to go on up to the house by himself as she waits for him in the truck.

Initially, Sam responds in a timid and uncertain manner.

However, his loving mother reinforces with confidence that he is able to carry out this task himself.

Trusting his mother’s confidence in him, he exits the truck and delivers the package.

When Sam returns to the truck he arrives and says, “I did it!” His mother responds, “of course.”

Furthermore, the book continues and with each delivery Sam becomes more confident in his abilities and no longer needs the reassurance of his mother.

Okay Monica…where are you going with this?

I think sometimes we are like the Sam.

Our hearts exist to love the people around us… in our own special way – by our tasty treats, listening ears, serving hands, and our creative art.


Yes To Love & No To Lies

So many opportunities provide unique ways to love those around us.

But too often we choose to stop sharing these gifts of love with others. 

We hear the lies that, “no one really needs us, no one will appreciate that, or it will take too much time to do that.” 

These lies prevent us from freely giving the love Christ calls us to share. They prevent us from knowing who we authentically are.

Sam would not have realized how great of a giver HE was if his mother didn’t challenge him. She also supported him though the challenge.

As a result (sorry, spoiler alert), Sam reflects with his mother on how special he is. He realizes how significant his love can be to those around him.

How many of us struggle accepting the realization that we are special and that others are in need of our love?

We could take the easy route, especially during this season of lent, to simply operate on cruise control…letting our promises to God be forgotten, and allowing the people that the Father is calling us to love pass by.

This book spoke to me, called me forth to see how I can love those who surround me.


The story of Sam has helped me realize my abilities in my Father’s gifting. 

It has showed me how I can empower others around me to realize their purpose and their giftings.

Who is God asking you to tell, “you can do it?”

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I want you to know who you are through knowing who Jesus is. Every day I am amazed by the life that flows from saying yes to God's plan. Whether through my life on mission at Damascus or my life on mission in my marriage with my 4 (almost) amazing children, the little opportunities to align with God's heart are what make all the difference. In my clinical foundation of psychology and counseling I love to see God glorified in making people whole.