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2022 Details, FAQ, and more!

CYSC 2022 Details

Session Dates

Weeks 1-8 will have two sessions: one session for campers in Middle School (entering grades 6-8) and one for High School (entering grades 9-12). Week 9 is for Middle School campers only.

As of March, all sessions have a waiting list.

Week 1: June 5-10

Week 2: June 12-17

Week 3: June 19-24

Week 4: June 26-July 1

Week 5: July 3-8

Week 6: July 10-15

Week 7: July 17-22

Week 8: July 24-29

Week 9: July 31-August 5

Cost per session: $545

Why We Love CYSC

Learn about the different elements of camp from our missionaries!

Activities: Luke

Sacraments: Gabe

Community: Emily

Prayer: Noah

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the scoop on session availability, waitlists, and financial aid

How do I join a waitlist?

When a session is full, you will find the option to join the waitlist underneath the list of available sessions.

How does session availability work?

Each session of high school or middle school camp has a set number of spots for boys and girls. Because of this, there are independent availabilities and waitlists for each subset of age & gender- so there may be space for a middle school boy and high school girl on a given week while high school boys and middle school girls have waitlists of 2 and 24, respectively.

Every summer some weeks are more popular than others, so please view the Explore Sessions page in your account or ask our staff where to find the best availability for your camper(s).

How likely am I to get off the waitlist?

The waitlist usually moves very rapidly in the first week or so after registration opens, so anything is possible! After mid-October, as a general rule of thumb:

#1-5: Very high likelihood in the coming weeks

#5-15: Fairly likely, may take a few months

#15-25: Definitely possible but please allow for several months

#25+: Still possible but would recommend finding a session with availability or a shorter waitlist

What happens when I get off the waitlist?

You’ll get an email letting you know that space has become available. You have 72 hours (3 days) to complete a reservation once it is offered! If you do not make a reservation by that time, the spot will automatically be offered to the next person on the waitlist. (You can also check the message center in your Ultracamp account to make sure you don’t miss the email.)

If you already have a reservation for a different session, please contact registration@cysc.com about switching to the new session at no charge.

Can I join multiple waitlists? Can I join a different session's waitlist if I already have a reservation?

Yes! You can maintain multiple waitlists and/or a completed reservation at the same time.

What is a group reservation?

Parishes, schools and dioceses may choose to reserve space for their group to attend together in order to promote accountability and foster deep community impact. If your group has reserved space in a particular week, see your coordinator for details and openings.

What if my group's reservation is full?

Please join the waitlist for that session, and also contact your group coordinator in case of cancellations within your group.

How does financial aid work?

The generosity of our donors makes it possible for us to continue to offer camperships to families in need. This year the application is part of the registration process. Please see the tutorial on how to apply here. Applications will be reviewed by a staff member and you should receive a response within the week. With any questions, please contact financialaid@damascus.net.

For details on finances, camp experience, and more, please visit our main FAQ page

To learn about the history, mission and vision of CYSC, please visit the About page