Oh my, time is flying by. We are only two weeks away from Christmas and I must admit that I am still trying to play a little spiritual catch up.

I love this season because while the whole world tends to speed up and rush around, and I have always been able to center my attention elsewhere. More specifically, my attention always seems to narrow in on our mother Mary.

Yes, the birth of Jesus is the “prize” at the end of the season, but for me this season is a special time set aside for me and Mary.

I’ve found myself looking to her saying,

“Okay Mary, what do you have instore for me this year…what are we going to bond about…where are you going to lead me…but this year Mary has been meeting my eye saying, “You lead me.”


The Lord Does Not Delay

After I got over my frustration in the change of our relationship dynamic, I began to read the scripture for the second Sunday in Advent where it says,

“The Lord does not delay his promise, as some regard ‘delay,’ but he is patient with you…”.

-2 Peter 3: 9

The majority of my waiting during Advent has always been focused on the waiting of Christ or I have aligned my perspective with Mary’s waiting for Jesus.

After reading this verse from Peter, my mind went to the Father…specifically to the Father’s heart. Because the truth is that, 

His promises are never delayed…they are always on time and they always come – 100%.


Typically, I would have looked at this season as a way to grow in patience. Now patience is still a virtue I need to grow in, however, this Advent I feel as though Mary is saying,

“Hey…check out how cool your Father in heaven is. Look how intentional He is in loving you. See how it is not just about growing in patience, but how much He wants you to align yourself with His heart and His plan so that you no longer see delays, but rather see His promises unfold before your eyes.”

Okay Mary…good challenge. I accept! I encourage all of you to take time this Advent and allow Mary to set your eyes on the goodness of the Lord.

Allow her to take you perhaps on a different path than you have ever been during the Advent season.

Ask her to reveal the gentleness and goodness of our Father in Heaven. I hope you enjoy your Advent walk!

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 Monica Richards

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I want you to know who you are through knowing who Jesus is. Every day I am amazed by the life that flows from saying yes to God's plan. Whether through my life on mission at Damascus or my life on mission in my marriage with my 4 (almost) amazing children, the little opportunities to align with God's heart are what make all the difference. In my clinical foundation of psychology and counseling I love to see God glorified in making people whole.

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